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A sturdy chopping board is a key element in any kitchen, and it should be no different while you are enjoying the outdoors glamping. Our beautifully crafted Chopping Board has a simple design while bringing in a unique design element with its recessed handles, making it easy to carry. Once the prep work is done, you can also use it to serve up your meal, making it a great addition to your outdoor dining experience.


Product Information

Handcrafted with solid, sustainably sourced New Zealand wood

Available in various wood types that are food safe

Pictured here: New Zealand Rimu


Approximate Dimensions: 

L 36cm x W 22cm x H 3.5cm

$65 (NZ Dollar)

Made to Order

Note: Please visit our Disclaimer page for more information on product dimensions and timber 


We love any piece which has longevity and can serve a dual purpose. Handmade wooden chopping boards have always been a staple in our kitchen, so we enjoyed adding this practical piece to our collection. Not only do wooden boards add a rustic element to any kitchen, but it is also a great décor piece when you are not busy chopping up your next masterpiece meal.