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2022: A year in review

The end of the year is a great time for pause to reflect on not only what has come before, but what lies ahead.

This year marked the closing of the Ayke & WhatNot Studio’s doors in Waianakarua. Thank you to everyone who has ever made the trip out to visit the Ayke & WhatNot Studio and for the kind feedback. We put in a lot of work to make it a usable space while keeping its rustic charm. It provided me with a space where I could learn and grow as a designer and aspiring woodworker. I look forward to taking that with me into the next incarnation of the Ayke & WhatNot Studio.

The creation of pieces will continue to take place in Oamaru. The business will continue to take orders online and I will attend events and markets in Otago.

Sharing the Ayke & WhatNot collection

The Portobello Mid-Christmas Market in Dunedin and the Network Waitaki Victorian Fete in Oamaru was a great opportunity to share the collection. These events are a great way to support local communities and gives me the opportunity to meet people and learn how they would use the pieces in the collection.

Portobello Mid-Christmas Market, July 2022 | Portobello, Dunedin

Network Waitaki Victorian Fete, November 2022 | Oamaru, Waitaki


Next year will be a year of learning new skills and the launch of a new collection.

The Sebra Collection is a collection that takes inspiration from South Africa. It will bring together a mix of natural materials to create warm, yet striking durable pieces for your space.

I will also focus on updating pieces in previous collections: The Expedition and Gather.

Ayke & WhatNot has undergone some changes this past year. I look forward what lies ahead. After all, what lies at the core of all the pieces in the collection is a sense of adventure. I am excited for the next phase and experiencing new adventures to further inspire the Ayke & WhatNot collections.


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