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Scultpured Rocking Chair


The Sculpted Rocking Chair will not only provide you with relaxing and comfortable seating but is also a unique crafted art piece.

Other prominent features are the inviting deep saddle seat made of five boards shaped and glued together and the curved laminated rockers. All parts are shaped, sculpted to perfection and assembled with crafted unique exposed joinery.

Product Information

Made to order with solid, sustainably sourced New Zealand wood.


Approximate Dimensions: 

Length of rockers 116.84cm

Seat Height 43.18cm I Seat Depth 53.34cm

Seat Width 50.80cm I Back Height 116.84cm 


From $6,500 (NZ Dollar) | Price depends on wood type. 

Visit our Information page to learn more about our work process.


The Sam Maloof-inspired rocking chair plans and hands-on training obtained from American chair maker Charles Brock, Spring Hill, Tennessee. The Sculpted Rocking Chair is built from wood using hand and machine tools for constructing and shaping it into a fine elegant and functional rocking chair. 

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