The Butler Tray table is a staple piece in the campaign furniture range. The classic design is inspired by travel and the practicality of the campaign furniture style. It is a strong and versatile table, and easy to move around, pack down and use in different ways. The tray can also be used on its own. From a bedside table to a coffee station, it is the perfect size for any glamping space.


Product Information

Made to order with solid New Zealand sourced wood

 Available in various wood types


Approximate Dimensions: H 73cm W 44.5cm L 61cm


$350 (NZ Dollar)

Made to Order

Note: Please see our Disclaimer for more information on product dimensions and timber 


A staple during any expedition, the Butler Tray Table is a classic campaign furniture piece. The design has evolved over the years, and different materials have also been used in its construction. The ability for the Butler Tray Table to change so effortlessly during the years makes it a real classic. Our piece takes inspiration from the vintage 19th Century style, which reminds us of setting up camp in faraway places. Its classic lines and slight curves make for a timeless design in our mind. 


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