I started Ayke and WhatNot in 2016 after being introduced to a Roorkhee Chair my father Stefan made. I was first impressed by his craftsmanship, the chair’s unique design, practicality (it completely packs down with no fixed joinery!) and its history. I showed it to a friend, and she said that it would be great for glamping. This was my first introduction to glamping or camping in luxury. I was intrigued. 

I was inspired to create a collection of well-crafted wood furniture and décor inspired by nature, adventure and timeless design. These pieces would be comfortable and practical while also being made to last and make glamping spaces feel like a unique luxury escape. A thoughtfully designed space with sustainable quality craftsmanship and comfort in mind can help you gather, connect and reset while enjoying the outdoors. 

Most of the pieces in the collection are made by my father, Stefan Benadé, who is a woodworker. I am currently learning about woodworking from him. I look forward to creating wood furniture and décor pieces to help make them beautiful, comfortable and functional places with a story. 

I hope you will find a unique piece to add to your living space as you explore the collection. 


Maryke Benadé | Founder and Creative Director


Ayke & WhatNot Assurance


Quality, long-lasting furniture and décor pieces made with a focus on traditional craftsmanship and using quality and sustainably sourced material. 



Our made to order model for most of our furniture and décor pieces means that we have less waste as we only use the materials we need to create your piece. 


Together with Ayke and WhatNot, your purchase helps the environment. For each furniture piece you purchase from us, we will fund a tree as part of the Trees That Count initiative. 

Client focussed 

Clear and consistent client communication and personal project consultation.   



Continued education about our craft to ensure that we follow best practises when we create your furniture and décor piece.  

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