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Inspired by old English scullery kitchens and vegetable gardens, the curated pieces in this collection are practical, yet aesthetically pleasing. You will find a mix of storage and preparation pieces, which are waiting to find a place in your home. 


In whatever way we can gather this year, get creative and make time for what means most even when we are apart. Host a virtual high-tea in your backyard or prepare a simple charcuterie board on your next glamping adventure in the countryside, when the time is right and weather permits.

Timeless, durable and stylish. These are just a few characteristics which encapsulate campaign furniture and have been influential in designing and curating the pieces for The Expedition collection. 

This intriguing furniture style with its unique construction method results in statement pieces which capture the spirit of exploring faraway places.


With a strong influence of African vistas, I chose to use bold colours for the seats' canvases, which would complement the type of wood which would be used for each piece. I took our inspiration from African sunsets to blue skies, dust-covered roads and everything in between which connects to nature's colour palette. 

I am excited to share our collection with you and hope it inspires you to add a sense of adventure and history to your space. 

Read our blog to find out more about campaign furniture, the intriguing design which inspired this collection. 

The Expedition

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