Our primitive farmhouse inspired Farm Bench will provide a rustic yet modern element to any space. The two-seater bench is great for extra seating or use it as a side table in your living space.


Product Information

Made to order with solid New Zealand sourced wood

 Available in various wood types


Approximate Dimensions: H 42cm W 27cm L 94 cm


$350 (NZ Dollar)

Made to Order

Note: Please see our Disclaimer for more information on product dimensions and timber 


Versatile furniture is key when we look at making a piece to add to our growing collection. We already had the Farm Stool which was a favourite and decided to look into creating a piece which would retain that rustic farmhouse feel while being simple in design to fit in with modern aesthetics. We also wanted to make a bench which would be able to serve as two seater bench while also being compact and versatile. The result is a functional and unique two seater bench which is timeless.


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