Compact, simplistic and strong, the vintage inspired toolbox is great for organising your living room by displaying your favourite keepsakes or adding rustic charm to a dinner table’s centre piece.

Product Information

Made to order with solid New Zealand sourced wood

 Available in various wood types

Approximate Dimensions: H 21cm W 15.5cm L 29cm


$75 (NZ Dollar)

Made to Order

Note: Please see our Disclaimer for more information on product dimensions and timber. 


Old toolboxes made from wood or metal have always been a vintage piece which has interested us. When searching through antique shops one always wonder what tools these rustic toolboxes carried and what projects would have been made with the tools stored inside of them. It is this sense of practicality which led to the creation of our vintage inspired Toolbox, which aims to be just as practical in your space.

Discover more about how we use colour on our Toolbox on our blog. 



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