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The Expedition Collection

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Campaign furniture is the main inspiration for The Expedition Wood Furniture and Décor Collection. In his book, ‘Campaign Furniture', Christopher Schwarz, describes it best as furniture “...for people who needed stuff that was rugged, simple and a bit stylish.”

Campaign furniture gained popularity during the 19th century, most notably for the British Military during their global military campaigns. It provided them with the luxuries from home, comfort and practicality: they could knock it down, pack it all up and take it with them to their location. Swartz explains that the furniture style was also popular among those who left England on a ship to live in the British Empire's expanding colonies.

Since then, campaign furniture has been adapted into many different forms and have influenced different furniture styles. The balance between the practical design and the unique style makes it suitable for the practical outdoor explorer who also wants to camp in a bit of style.

Reference: C. Schwarz. 2014. Campaign Furniture. Lost Art Press. ⁠


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