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Adding warmth and interest with texture

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Woolen blankets stored in seagrass baskets next to a stack of firewood. Yes, with winter on its way it is time to prepare for the colder months and get your space winter proof.

This time of year introduces a range of different textures to your space,and is also a great source of inspiration for how you can change your space not only to function for the new season, but also aid in setting the mood for settling into the indoors and gathering in different ways.

While for a lot of us being in our spaces have now become standard, it is even more reason to change your environment and gain a new perspective. It has also been reported that newness and novelty is also good for our well-being.

In the Ayke and WhatNot Studio, we like to swap out light orange linen pillows for darker blue velvet pillows to our furniture to add warmth and depth to our space and layer rugs for extra coziness.

Throw blankets are of course a staple in any space, and can easily be stored away in a basket when not in use. If you are braving the outdoors, why not take that cozy feeling with you? Pack a blanket, a flask of your choice of hot beverage and take in the changing season.

However you prepare for the season, make sure you keep warm and safe!


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