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Ayke & WhatNot Studio Update

Updated: May 18, 2022

The Ayke & WhatNot Studio has been a great work in progress since November 2020. The space has had many different identities over the decades. From a playhouse to a backyard bar, and more recently, a space of learning and creativity. Its latest incarnation is a place where I am learning more about sustainable woodworking, design, and creativity. Its rustic charm also makes it the best place to showcase furniture and décor pieces from the collection.

A lot of changes have happened in a year. A wall was taken down to open up the space, and the exposed rafters were painted black to complement the black floorboards. Next was taking on the exterior of the building. Some timber weatherboards were replaced, and a couple of coats of red paint gave it a bold look again. The trim was treated to a couple of coats of grey paint to elevate the building's overall exterior update.

Outdoor potted plants are the finishing touches that bring it all together. I decided to go with the less is more approach, only styling the deck with a potted Cycad plant and purple pansies in a wooden planter.

With the warmer weather and sunny days making a regular appearance, I look forward to spending more time in this space. It is a place where I can design and create as I continue my journey as a 'maker in the making'.


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