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Finding balance with nature's colour palette

Creating furniture gives you the ability to play around with form and function. A way to balance these two design elements is by using different materials which adds to the piece's durability and can also provide a sense of history.

The Folding Camp Stool is a camp classic and an example of how we are using other materials in addition to timber when we are creating our wood furniture pieces. Canvas were used in camp stools similar to our Folding Camp Stool and Safari Roorkhee Chair during the 19th century, so it was a clear choice of material to use for the chairs and stools in our Expedition Collection.

Using canvas adds texture and colour, and depending on the timber and colour combination, can bring out different colours in the wood grains. Taupe from the Sunbrella range and Chestnut timber is a classic combination which we have used on the Safari Roorkhee Chair. Tall dried grass and and dust-covered roads in the Kruger National Park comes to mind whenever I see these two paired together.

When I started brainstorming for a bold colour which would contrast the golden brown reclaimed Teak frame of the Folding Camp Stool, I decided to work with Planisol canvas in the colour Marigold and used a contrasting dark blue thread. The yellow-orange colour not only reminded me of African sunsets but also added instant warmth to the piece.

Colour can help a piece make a bold statement or highlight colour characteristics featured in the timber. It can also help tell a story of a place, a feeling or a moment, which means that the design and storytelling possibilities are endless.

Click here to find out more about the Folding Camp Stool.


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