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Maker in the making

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Being surrounded by creative makers has encouraged me to focus more on the process of making furniture and décor pieces. I am fortunate to learn from the best and be inspired by creatives in my backyard.

Workshop sessions with my dad have been invaluable. Learning how to work with wood, tools and understanding the meeting point of form and function has offered me new perspectives on creativity, construction and sustainability. Problem-solving is a core part of woodworking, and it has been rewarding to work through different challenges that working with wood can bring. Understanding wood movement and alternating the direction of growth rings are just a couple of vital construction basics that will help with future designs.

Sewing outdoor canvas is another skill I am learning from my mum. We use this durable fabric on The Expedition's Safari Roorkhee Chair, Folding Camp Stool and the Roorkhee Ottoman (coming soon!). It has been a rewarding experience, and a lesson in how having the right tools can make a process much less painless! Playing around with the colour of both canvas and wood has opened up a world of design possibilities.

I am excited to continue my 'maker in the making' journey, learning as I go and always remember to measure twice and cut once!

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