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Getting Colourful

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Natural timber will always be our first love, but now and again it’s good to use some colour and experiment with how it changes the piece and adds a different perspective. Our first piece of furniture we decided to coat with some paint was our Farm Stools. Taking inspiration from French Country Houses, we went with some pastel hues and found that it completely put a different accent on the Farm Stool. Our trip to the paint shop resulted in purchasing a great New Zealand made vintage paint in light grey and pistachio. After the first coat of paint we realised that we want to paint all of the Farm Stools as the result turned the Farm Stool in almost a completely different piece compared with the natural finish. Later we would return to the paint shop and become a bit more adventurous and choose a muted pink colour to add to the mix.

Then we got really adventurous and decided to also add some colour to our vintage inspired tool boxes. It is safe to say that by now we have gotten over our apprehension of painting our Radiata Pine décor pieces and went bold with bright yellow and red which gave our tool boxes a completely new look! The result was two tool boxes that are definitely standing out! We loved experimenting with colours and look forward to implementing some more colour to other pieces in our collection. Have you recently taken on some furniture painting?

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