Create beautiful and sustainable glamping sites where guests can gather, connect, and reset with our quality crafted and unique wood furniture and décor.

Made to order to ensure quality craftsmanship and time is dedicated to your piece. 

Farm Bench

Ayke & WhatNot Assurance

  • Quality -  Quality, long-lasting wood furniture and décor pieces made with a focus on traditional craftsmanship, functional designs and quality and sustainably sourced material. 

  • Sustainable - Our made to order model for most of our furniture and décor pieces means that we have less waste as we only use the materials we need to create your piece.


  • Client focused - Clear and consistent client communication and personal project consultation.

  • ​​​Learning - Continued education about our craft to ensure that we follow best practices when we create your furniture and décor piece.  

  • Environment - Your purchase helps the environment. For each furniture piece you purchase from us, we will fund a tree as part of the Trees That Count initiative. 

Client Testimonials

Adirondack Chairs

“We bought ourselves two of the Adirondack Chair’s after first discovering them on holiday. They are the best chairs you could imagine and it’s hard to believe they are made out of solid wood they feel so soft and comfortable. True craftsmanship. We have just bought six more of these chairs for our tourist accommodation.”

Harriet, Lavericks Bay | Akaroa, NZ

“Maryke was incredible from the beginning of the process when I was just asking questions about construction methods to the end when I got my chair. The communication was impeccable even with the 16 hour time difference (Florida to New Zealand). I never felt like I was waiting around for answers or information. I'm honestly not sure how she did it. She was patient, helpful, and not only answered the questions I asked but also offered additional information that answered any follow-up questions I might have had. She even accommodated a custom canvas color for me. The finished product (a Roorkhee Chair) was finished very nicely and is extremely comfortable.  Shipping was fast, packaging was well done, and assembly was frustration-free. Thanks again!" 

Roorkhee Chair_Admiral Blue Planisol

Tré, Florida | USA

As we mainly work with natural material, we will continue to work sustainably to treasure our environment, especially native New Zealand trees.

That is why Ayke & WhatNot is committed to help plant native New Zealand trees with the Trees That Count initiative and funding the planting of two trees per month. 

Your furniture piece purchase will help fund one native New Zealand tree planting as part of the Trees That Count initiative.

Kowhai Tree