Our Products 

We carefully craft each of our products to create unique and quality made, functional products with the aid of woodworking equipment in our workshop in Waianakarua, New Zealand. All of our products are made to order to ensure quality craftsmanship and time is dedicated to your piece. Completion dates set by Ayke and WhatNot are dependent on the availability of material from our suppliers.

We are always working on improving and developing our pieces. We work mainly with wood, which is a natural material that brings a unique aspect to each piece. This means that there will be slight variations in the end product you receive, which may differ from what is shown in our current product catalogue.

To best showcase the quality, craftsmanship and functionality of our products, we aim to represent our products as honestly as we can through images on our website, social media channels and other marketing materials. Due to our previously mentioned method of creating our products and factors such as lighting or computer monitor settings, an image displayed might not 100% reflect the end product.




We create our products with a variety of sustainably sourced New Zealand Native wood and New Zealand Exotic wood. We source the wood/timber when you place an order to ensure that we are using quality materials which are best suited for your product. For more information about the wood we use, please contact us for more information.

Care instructions for food serving and preperation pieces


Hand wash with hot soapy water with mild soap and dry immediately. Do not soak in water and allow to dry fully in an upright position. Do not put in a dishwasher or soak in water.

Depending on frequency of washing and use, oil your board weekly or monthly.

You can use natural ingredients like beeswax or mineral oil to oil your board once it is fully dried. Apply with a small cloth and leave for about 30 minutes (or depending on the instructions). Buff or remove any excess oil with a clean cloth.




We use a variety of New Zealand wood and timber to create our products which will be reflected in the price.


All quotes and sales are in NZ Dollar.

If you have any questions about our handcrafted products or process, please get in touch with us.