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Bringing the outdoors into your space

If bringing more houseplants into your home is not on the cards right now, why not think outside the plant box? There are many different and cost-effective ways you can incorporate natural elements in your home.

During your next forest walk, consider how you can incorporate pine cones in your space to connect indoors with nature. This way of bringing nature into your space is an example of biophilia, which author Sally Coulthard explains in her book 'Biophilia: You + Nature+ Home' as "...the simple, core truth that humans need connection with nature to be content."

Pick a nice round tree stump, remove the bark, and sand it down to make a simple small table for a lonely corner in your home. Bring back some driftwood from the local beach to add to your coffee table for a natural sculptural piece. Making room for nature in your indoor spaces is not only a beautiful way to add natural texture and colour to your home but a way for us to connect with nature in an authentic and direct way.


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