Giving back to the environment

Updated: Sep 27

As we mainly work with natural material, we will continue to work sustainably to treasure our environment, especially native New Zealand trees. That is why Ayke & WhatNot is committed to help plant native New Zealand trees by joining the Trees That Count initiative and funding the planting of two trees per month. From February 2021, Ayke & WhatNot will also be funding one tree when you purchase one of our furniture pieces.

Trees that we fund to the Trees That Count initiative are part of the West Harbour Beautification Trust planting project, Glendhu Bay Restoration and Arrowtown "Choppers" Wilding Pine Eradication Group.

We will keep you posted on our continuous contribution to keep New Zealand growing! You can also view our Tree Funder Profile to see how our tree count is growing. For more information about Trees That Count, head to their website and be part of the change for good.

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