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Changing seasons and changing spaces

When the blossoms announce the arrival of spring and the green leaves appear, it indicates the change seasons and is be a great time to assess your space. Many of us have been hibernating inside our spaces for longer than the winter months, though spring can bring with it the opportunity to breathe new life into your space by making simple changes.

We have been working on making changes and updates to the Ayke & WhatNot Studio during the past few months. It is a space that always signifies creativity and a space where I can create and learn. It has now transformed into a space where I can welcome people to learn more about sustainable interiors through sharing our woodworking work process and the sustainable materials we use.

While you don't need to take down walls to make a change to your space, thinking about how you like to use your space in this new season will help you design with intent. While swapping out warm and cosy blankets for natural linen bedspreads is a part of this change, think about how you use your space not just in the different seasons of nature but also in the different seasons of your life.


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