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Slowing down to learn

As my 'maker in the making' continues, I am enjoying the lessons I continue to learn from woodworking. These include the importance of planning and patience.

Whenever you start learning a new craft, it is an exciting and sometimes daunting adventure. There are new tools to acquire and time to learn about each one's purpose and how to use them.

I have been fortunate enough to learn more about woodworking from my father, a woodworker. He imparts on me what he has learned and continues to learn. I am learning how to distinguish between different types of timber, a valuable skill to have when looking to reclaim wood furniture pieces that have seen better days.

I am slowly acquiring hand tools of my own and am currently enjoying using the chisel. This tool allows me to learn how to handle woodworking tools while also enabling me to create simple pieces from start to finish. It has only been the beginning of lifelong education and is a craft form that is endlessly challenging and fascinating.


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